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May 19, 2005

Meanwhile in Ohio…

I know, it was only yesterday that I last wrote about Coingate—the little matter of some $50 million invested in rare coins by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. But today’s developments are too good to miss.

Marc Dann, a Democratic state senator, has now sued the bureau, asking Ohio’s Supreme Court to order it to disclose details of its rare-coin inventory. He also wants the bureau to name the individuals and entities that sold coins to the rare-coin funds controlled by Tom Noe, a Republican fund-raiser who handled the investment. Noe is currently being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department, FBI, State Inspector General and State Auditor.

As the Toledo Blade reports, the Supreme Court—which Republicans control by a 6-1 margin—has a minor conflict of interest:

Five Ohio Supreme Court justices announced today that they have recused themselves from hearing two open records lawsuits that call for disclosure of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation complete rare coin inventory.
…Mr. Noe and his wife, Bernadette, have contributed more than $23,000 to the campaigns of the recused justices, Thomas J. Moyer, Evelyn Stratton, Maureen O’Connor, Terrence O’Donnell, and Judith Ann Lanzinger.

Five out of seven ain’t bad.

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