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June 2, 2005


Some of the, uh, “rare currency” allegedly purchased by Bush fund-raising “pioneer” and coin dealer Tom Noe with the $50 million that the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation gave him to invest:

● Mickey Mantle autographed poster
● Ted Williams signed bat collection (5)
● Lance Armstrong autographed jersey
● 1972 Munich Summer Olympics torch
● George W. Bush wall clocks (3)
● Marilyn Monroe print
● Vintage comic books (115)
● 1980 Olympics “Miracle on Ice” hockey tickets
● Bush paper weight, Bush silver cuff links, gold VP cuff links
● Beanies in cases (18)

And then there are the dazzling deals uncovered by investigators in recent weeks, including this money-maker at one of Noe’s coin-dealing subsidiaries:

[U]nusual coin deals at the Evergreen. Colo., subsidiary, called Numismatic Professionals Limited, [included] the sale of a coin purchased with state money for $122,990 and sold for a penny…

Lots more on Beaniegate, sorry, Coingate at the Toledo Blade, which deserves a Pulitzer for breaking a scandal that gets murkier by the day.

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