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June 26, 2005

Iran’s ultra-conservatives

As Mr. Behi points out, they look a whole lot scarier if you live there:

It Happened! What I was afraid of. Look who is leaving, Khatami, the intellectual that we were proud of, and see who is coming, a hard line conservative, who makes it humiliating to be Iranian. If Khatami had a landslide victory as a result of youth and student supports eight years ago, now with a huge poor population, Ahmadi Nejad is surfing on the [sea] of poverty and in absence of many of reform supporters.
The most radical portion of the population with the most dangerous Islamic fundamentalist ideas are now in charge. Bad days to come. I do not want to see myself as war blogger. But these guys will make it easier to happen if they insist in having this nasty nuclear technology the way they want. I think those who like US to attack Iran are loving this most. The stupid ideas of these conservatives will make it easy to justify it.

Bush understands this all too well, although in reality the outcome of the election makes little difference. From Sunday’s New York Times:

Even before Iranians went to the polls in their presidential election, the Bush administration declared the process rigged, saying that no matter what the outcome, Iran would be truly ruled by men who “spread terror across the world.”
Yet almost no one in Washington expected the landslide victory of the conservative mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as Iran’s next president. And now, facing a populist who came to age in the student union that took over the American Embassy in 1979, the administration is bracing for a long, hot summer of confrontation with Iran, first over its nuclear programs, then over terrorism, and perhaps over the fueling of the insurgency in Iraq.
… Earlier in the week, one of Mr. Bush’s closest aides said that no matter who won, “we may be looking at a summer of simultaneous crises on opposite sides of the world,” one in Iran and one in North Korea.

Not forgetting, of course, Bush’s very own Vietnam.

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