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August 2, 2005

Family affair

According to Raw Story, the wife of Coingate crook Tom Noe tried to disrupt the ballot count during the 2004 general election:

Bernadette Noe, who served dual roles as chairman for the Lucas County Republican Party and the Lucas County Board of Elections, sent twelve “partisans” into a warehouse on Election Day, according a memo authored by Ohio’s Director of Campaign Finance Richard Weghorst who was present at the time.
The assertion is part of a comprehensive investigation prepared for Ohio Republican Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell regarding reports of irregularities in Lucas County. The report found gross failures on the part of Ms. Noe’s board in preparation for and administration of November’s election.
The Board was “directly responsible for the inefficient and unorganized election process” in the county, the report said. Weghorst found they had failed to lock and secure ballots and voting machines; manipulated the three percent hand recount; and failed to properly remove Ralph Nader from county ballots.
… Weghorst, who was present at a local warehouse where ballots were being tabulated, says in his report that “two groups of partisan volunteers totaling approximately twelve people” arrived, whose “purpose for being there was not immediately known nor requested.” […] It later emerged they had come at Ms. Noe’s request.
[The] Republican volunteers were brought in to “assist” processing returned voter confirmation postcards. On [Ms. Noe’s] authority and that of several other board members, partisan volunteers were allowed to copy the returned cards.
They were subsequently caught by a Lucas County Democratic official peeling the return stickers off the voter confirmation cards, and were told to leave.

Raw Story reports that Noe resigned from the Lucas County Republican Party and as head of the Board of Elections in December, to “spend more time with her family.”

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