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September 27, 2005

DeLayed action

This could be entertaining:

A Texas grand jury’s recent interest in conspiracy charges could lead to last-minute criminal indictments possibly against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay as it wraps up its investigation Wednesday into DeLay’s state political organization, according to lawyers with knowledge of the case.
Conspiracy counts against two DeLay associates this month raised concerns with DeLay’s lawyers, who fear the chances are greater that the majority leader could be charged with being part of the conspiracy. Before these counts, the investigation was more narrowly focused on the state election code.
By expanding the charges to include conspiracy, prosecutors made it possible for the Travis County grand jury to bring charges against DeLay. Otherwise, the grand jury would have lacked jurisdiction under state laws.
… The disclosure came as congressional officials said top House Republicans were quietly considering how to respond if an indictment were issued.
House GOP rules require any member of the elected leadership to step down temporarily if indicted, and it would be up to the rank and file to select an interim replacement. … Asked what he had heard of any late developments, DeLay said Tuesday, “Not a word.”
He also said he earlier “had an interview” with prosecutors, adding, “everybody knows that.”

Howard Dean got it absolutely right back in May.

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