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October 7, 2005


The political equivalent of avian flu—and just as deadly:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 7 - President Bush’s pick for the second-ranking position at the Justice Department abruptly withdrew his nomination today after facing weeks of questions over his ties to the lobbyist Jack Abramoff and his role in formulating torture policies, officials said.
The nominee, Timothy Flanigan, was scheduled to face yet another round of questioning next week from senators who had grown increasingly skeptical about his nomination as deputy attorney general.
Of chief concern to Democrats and some Republicans was Mr. Flanigan’s role at Tyco as general counsel in overseeing the lobbying work of Mr. Abramoff in pushing for Tyco and other companies to maintain their tax-exempt status.
Officials say Mr. Flanigan’s withdrawal reflects the fact that Mr. Abramoff has become so tarnished that anyone connected to him risks significant political damage in Washington, including Tom Delay.

Plus you get extra points for being connected to both Abramoff and DeLay.

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