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December 16, 2005

Time to impeach

I think Purple State’s response to this is exactly right:

The revelation today that the President signed an order allowing the NSA to spy on Americans without first obtaining a search warrant is shocking. This order clearly violates the fourth amendment to the constitution. President Bush swore an oath to defend that constitution. He has clearly violated his oath of office. Usually I think calls for impeachment are overblown. But when a President knowingly violates the constitution he swears to uphold, he must be impeached. We cannot tolerate such disregard for the fundamental law of the United States.

The key point here is that Bush unambiguously ordered the NSA to violate the law, which as Washington Monthly points out:

… is exactly what got Nixon in trouble: he ordered his subordinates to obstruct justice. To the extent that the two cases differ, the differences make what Bush did worse: after all, it’s not as though warrants are hard to get, or the law makes no provision for emergencies. Bush could have followed the law had he wanted to. He chose to set it aside.

And to state the obvious: if, on the thinnest possible evidence, we can impeach a president for lying about two inconsequential sexual relationships, the New York Times’ belated revelations sure as hell give us enough to impeach Bush.

Of course, it won’t happen, because a Republican-controlled Congress isn’t about to impeach its own president. But I can dream.

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